Lesson 6.2 – Love Language Nr. 1 – Self Love

Everything starts with yourself. Even love. The more deeper you are in love with yourself and every beautiful aspect that you represent, the faster your life will fill up with more beauty, happiness, fulfillment, amazing people and love.

Lesson 6.3 – Love Language Nr. 2 – Sexual Love

This is the most powerful force in the universe, and it has the biggest creative values, not only for recration, fun, or the survival of our race… but for you and your dreams. When you dial into this Language properly, you become literally unstoppable.

Lesson 6.4 – Love Language Nr. 3 – Friendship

What would life be like without friends?

Friendships are all about communication and acceptance. And yet you need to choose wisely which persons you let into your friend-circles. As you always will become the avarage of the 5 people you are spending the most time with.

Lesson 6.5 – Love Language Nr. 4 & 5 – Love all People and the World

Limitless Love means also that you have a undiscussable love for all humans on this world and the others :-). And you love the world for what it is today as well. Really, you love every living being in this world. This is what it’s about to dial into a more powerful version of yourself that helps you to embrace beauty and success on all levels.

Lesson 6.6 – Your Guided Love Meditation

Mahima will guide you through an powerful Meditation that will help you to deeper connect with your own inner love, self-love, and love for the world. Understand and deepen the knowledge about the languages of love and become a more powerful supernatural human.

Lesson 6.6 – Your Love Practice

This is your Love Practice, do this daily and fulfill your life and reach your dreams with more joy.


MODULE 1: The Power Of The Now:

PART 1: Deadly Time Wasters – Prioritize Action

PART 2: Deadly Time Wasters – Drama & Overwhelm

PART 3: Deadly Time Wasters – Bigger Picture & Worries

PART 4: Deadly Time Wasters – Bridges & Immortality

MODULE 2: De-Code Meditation:

Main Challenges Around Meditation

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Denial

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Understand The Ego

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Comprehend Source Energy

6 Secrets To Experience Daily Inner Peace

De-Code – The Meditation

Practice This Tool To De-Code Meditation

MODULE 3: Full Responsibility:

Challenges: Creating Your Reality – Limiting Beliefs

Challenges: Creating Your Reality – Nature Vs Truth

Challenges: Creating Your Reality – Reactive Vs Proactive

Steps to the Creator Mindset – Smash the Box

Steps to the Creator Mindset – There is more than what you can see

Meditation To Take Charge of Your Full Responsibility

Practice This Tool Now

MODULE 4: Develop A Ninja Intuition

Main Challenges When it Comes to Intuition

4 Ways to Build Intuition

5 Signs to Recognize That Your Intuition is Active

Meditation to Develop Your Intuition

Practice This Tool to Create a Ninja Intuition

MODULE 5: Lean Into Positivity

The Nature of Reality

5 Main Limitations – That Keep You From Positivity

6 Strategies on How to Lean Into Positivity

Meditation – Learn How to Lean Into Positivity

Practice This Tool to Lean Into Positivity

MODULE 6: Limitless Love

Main Challenges Around Limitless Love

The Language of Love

Limitless Love Meditation

Practice This Tool to Learn Limitless Love