Lesson 2.2 – Hack the Question: Who am I – Denial

The Age old question: Who Am I?

It is one of the most important, yet powerful questions you can ask yourself. And the answer to it lies well inside of you.

How to get there will be covered in these lessons.

Lesson 2.3 – Hack the Question: Who am I – Understand the Ego

Oh our Ego, beautiful in itself, absolutely obsessed with itself, and always right. It is the source of misguidance, stacknation, prograstination, fears, and comfort all in it self. While it only wants what is best for you… the ego only acts on the past experiences, and has no connection to wisdom whatsoever…

Lesson 2.4 – Hack the Question: Who am I – Comprehend Source Energy

We all are part of this energy, and we all carry it inside of us. To begin to understand who you truly are… is to start understanding the source energy. This will be a powerful revelation to up-level your life now.

Lesson 2.5 – 6 Keys to Experience Inner Peace Daily

Unlocking inner peace was always something that people throughout the centuries have been striving for. With these 6 keys you will be a step ahead of even the most masterful experts. Dive into inner peace now.

Lesson 2.6 – The Meditation

With Mahima’s guided Meditation around the topic of de-coding meditation itself, you will be directed towards a better understanding and even easier practice to utilize for yourself now.

Lesson 2.7 – Your Practice – Tool

This is your practice and tool that will bring you closer to better understanding meditation and how to use it for yourself.


MODULE 1: The Power Of The Now:

PART 1: Deadly Time Wasters – Prioritize Action

PART 2: Deadly Time Wasters – Drama & Overwhelm

PART 3: Deadly Time Wasters – Bigger Picture & Worries

PART 4: Deadly Time Wasters – Bridges & Immortality

MODULE 2: De-Code Meditation:

Main Challenges Around Meditation

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Denial

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Understand The Ego

4 Strategies To Hack The Question: Who Am I. – Comprehend Source Energy

6 Secrets To Experience Daily Inner Peace

De-Code – The Meditation

Practice This Tool To De-Code Meditation

MODULE 3: Full Responsibility:

Challenges: Creating Your Reality

Steps to the Creator Mindset

Meditation To Take Charge of Your Full Responsibility

Practice This Tool Now

MODULE 4: Develop A Ninja Intuition

Main Challenges When it Comes to Intuition

4 Ways to Build Intuition

5 Signs to Recognize That Your Intuition is Active

Meditation to Develop Your Intuition

Practice This Tool to Create a Ninja Intuition

MODULE 5: Lean Into Positivity

The Nature of Reality

5 Main Limitations – That Keep You From Positivity

6 Strategies on How to Lean Into Positivity

Meditation – Learn How to Lean Into Positivity

Practice This Tool to Lean Into Positivity

MODULE 6: Limitless Love

Main Challenges Around Limitless Love

The Language of Love

Limitless Love Meditation

Practice This Tool to Learn Limitless Love