Lesson 1.4 – Deadly Time Wasters – Bridges & Immortality

With Time Wasters 6 & 7 you learn all about the right timing for your actions, and why it is so crucial to understand that, even if we want to be, we are not immortal.

Lesson 1.5 – 5 Ways to be More Present – Rituals and Multitasking

In the 5 ways to be more present – you learn how important it is to start your day with empowering rituals and why you should stop multitasking right away.

Lesson 1.6 – 5 Ways to be More Present – Slow Down Embrace Change

In 2&3 of the ways to be more present, you will learn how important it is to slow down, take a breath and re-focus your attention inside so you can be more effective and powerful in the outside. As well the importance of embracing change because change is the only constant thing in this world.

Lesson 1.7 – 5 Ways to be More Present – Start Strong And End Strong

Here I go even deeper into the topic of rituals and how important it is to not only start your day powerful, but as well end it powerful. I will give a specific tool you can practice right away and make it super clear – so you can start to shift the way you live your daily life.

Lesson 1.8 – Your Guided Meditation to More Power in The Now

This is your weekly guided meditation which will empower you from the inside out and makes it possible for you to change your negative thoughts and feelings from the bottom.

Lesson 1.9 – Your Practice / Tool

Watch the video in order to get your first tool you can practice this week to experience the true power of the moment. We hear it all the time, “be in the moment”, but yet how do we do that? Here you will learn how.