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Europes #1 Self Mastery Mentor and Leadership Trainer, International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Speaker.

She has helped transform the lives of thousands of people, with her unique creations, “the inner peace formula” and “Own Your Superstar” transformational Journey”.

Zimbabwean born and raised, Mahima at the young age of 22 had already worked as a top model, manager of a modelling agency and as a fashion buyer for a prestigious fashion house.

She left Africa after her divorce and her life took an unexpected detour to India, where she found herself profoundly moved by a deep personal breakthrough.

She went on to study intensively for 5 years under the powerful guidance of Harilal Poonja, a personal growth guru and thought leader in the “power of the now”.

Through Mahima’s Mindset training strategies, used by thousands of top performers globally, people discover the essential keys to influence and impact their environments more effectively.

What This Membership

Will Do For You

Never be left behind any longer.

It all starts with you. What you believe to be true, will become your reality. Changing what we think and believe however, isn’t always as simple as most “Gurus” make it out to be. With the right guidance however, it is easy!

Consistent training, small steps towards your desired future, and the tenacity to keep going.. are all that is needed. All of which you are getting here!

If you could figure it out on your own, wouldn’t you have done so already? It can be possible to do this work on your own, but it can take years of trial and error. Most of us simply don’t have the time to waste. Save yourself the heartache and time and get it right with us – together!

We created this platform so you can reach your wildest dreams, and create the cherished life you’ve always desired.

This is promising a lot, isn’t it? YES! And we can keep it, as long as you are willing to play your part!

You are worth learning this new way of being with ease and joy! Join right now and celebrate life-changing content that will help you get what you truly desire – and deserve – from life.

Why is NOW the Best Time Ever To Join?

Gain Access to Mahima’s Powerful Wisdom

You will receive the best out of 25+ years of personal development and experience in meditation and transformation.

Access to incredible Programs

Each program is designed to guide you quickly in the direction of your dreams and desires.

Regularly Updated Database for Personal Empowerment

We are always expanding our content with new insights, empowerment strategies, and mindset shifts to help you create a fulfilled life where you thrive in all aspects.

Train and Grow Your Meditation Muscles And

Get What You Want in Life

Regain control over your life and understand how easy meditation really is and how little you need to do to get it right once and for all.

Learn the Best Methods to Leverage Your Time, Fall in Love With Life, and Accomplish Your Wildest Dreams

Set Yourself up for Daily Success and Well-being

Clear direction that show you how fast and straight forward your daily life will improve. Tuck in, it’s going to be a very powerful ride.

Be Part of an Expanding and Growing Community

Never be left alone again, with a community of like minded people and the Mahima Mindset Team at your fingertips. You are covered for anything that life might throw your way.

What Others Have To Say About This Membership:

Josh Cyphers (FP&A Director, Nvoicepay, Oregon, USA)

“It completely Changed my Life!”

Awhile ago, I downloaded your full Reprogramming Your Mind Self Mastery series and it has completely changed my life! So I wanted to say thank you and let you know I really appreciate you and your wisdom. Thank you! My mind and heart are more open than ever. I am fired up for this next chapter of my life and so grateful to have such wonderful support.


“My husband even started loving to dance!”

“Before we joined the program with Mahima, we both lost trust in our path together and now after we transformed together, my husband even started loving to dance! My husband and I both have gotten our juiciness back and we communicate totally on a different level together. Each day we embrace more love and more freedom with each other. I am so happy and grateful that we did this together.”

Stefan Müller

“Inspiring, fresh and smashed the box of Meditation!”

Your introduction to the world of meditation was so inspiring, fresh and really “smashed” the box of meditation. It impacted me in a way, that I was able to take a lot of practical ideas and a special kind of awareness and consciousness to my daily life. I really hope, that a lot of people will have the chance to enjoy you, your work, and your beautiful energy.


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