The most important Secrets to creating a deep, fulfilling and loving relationship

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Mahima, Europes #1 Self Mastery Mentor and Leadership Trainer, International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Speaker.

She has helped transform the lives of thousands of people, with her unique creations, “the inner peace formula” and “Own Your Superstar” transformational Journey”.

Zimbabwean born and raised, Mahima at the young age of 22 had already worked as a top model, manager of a modelling agency and as a fashion buyer for a prestigious fashion house.

She left Africa after her divorce and her life took an unexpected detour to India, where she found herself profoundly moved by a deep personal breakthrough.

She went on to study intensively for 5 years under the powerful guidance of Harilal Poonja, a personal growth guru and thought leader in the “power of the now”.

Through Mahima’s Mindset training strategies, used by thousands of top performers globally, people discover the essential keys to influence and impact their environments more effectively.

What This Program Will Do For You

In the morning many people experience fear, insecurity, tiredness, grogginess or they don’t even want to get out of bed.

Maybe you caught yourself in the one or other feeling already.

It’s possible to change all that, and this Program will exactly help you accomplish that.   

This is why I created Get FIred Up For Your Day.

The way you start your day is so essential for living a happy and fulfilled life. When you set strong intentions and get to place where you feel centred and grounded in the morning is a game changer for your whole life.

Starting the day with high spirits, feeling grounded, centred, ready for fun and challenges is extremely important. 

Get Fired Up For Your Day is all about forming the habit of starting every day positively so that no matter what happens during the day you’ll make the most out of it!

Why is NOW the Best Time Ever To Join?

Level 1 – Open Heart

Understand how to keep an open heart and mind and transform your relationship

Level 2 – Self-Love

Learn how important Self Love in your relationship is. You only can give what you already have. Find the love first inside yourself and then you will be able to give it to your partner. Self Love is a gamechanger and an ongoing journey. It is one of the most important things you ever will do.

Level 3 – Pure Love

Pure love is who you are in your essence. Pure love is who you are, no matter if you are staying with your partner or not. It is always with you – nobody and nothing can take that away from you.

Level 4 – Being Present

It means letting go of all your story’s, worries, thoughts, ideas and just be in the here and now.

Level 5 – Vulnerability

To be vulnerable means to not hide behind the mask – it means to accept yourself fully.

Level 6 – Self-Awareness

Conscious about what you feel, what you think and what you do.Self Awareness is a very important point in relationships.Know what is going on with you in any given moment.

Level 7 – Forgiveness

Whatever your partner will do, you have to be able to forgive and let it go.Holding onto those things is what destroys relationships.

Level 8 – Humor & Playfulness

When you are happy humor comes naturally.Humor & Playfulness brings joy to your relationship.

What Others Have To Say About This Program:


My husband even started loving to dance!

“Before we joined the program with Mahima, we both lost trust in our path together and now after we transformed together, my husband even started loving to dance! My husband and I both have gotten our juiciness back and we communicate totally on a different level together. Each day we embrace more love and more freedom with each other. I am so happy and grateful that we did this together.”