The ultimate 7 day mindset training to rewire you for more success, happiness and joy!

Welcome to – Reprogram Your Mind

Mahima, Europes #1 Self Mastery Mentor and Leadership Trainer, International Bestselling Author and Award Winning Speaker.

She has helped transform the lives of thousands of people, with her unique creations, “the inner peace formula” and “Own Your Superstar” transformational Journey”.

Zimbabwean born and raised, Mahima at the young age of 22 had already worked as a top model, manager of a modelling agency and as a fashion buyer for a prestigious fashion house.

She left Africa after her divorce and her life took an unexpected detour to India, where she found herself profoundly moved by a deep personal breakthrough.

She went on to study intensively for 5 years under the powerful guidance of Harilal Poonja, a personal growth guru and thought leader in the “power of the now”.

Through Mahima’s Mindset training strategies, used by thousands of top performers globally, people discover the essential keys to influence and impact their environments more effectively.

What This Program Will Do For You

What we believe, think and feel is impacting the reality we live in and influencing what we are creating in our everyday lives. This course will help you develop healthier new ways of thinking, feeling, looking at yourself and the world.

Planting new empowering ideas, into your conscious and subconscious mind, is paramount to changing old limiting habits that no longer serve you to be powerful, peaceful and happy right now.

Reprogram your mind is a series of mind expanding motivational and inspirational talks that will open up your mind and prepare it for meditation, making it easier to ease into and quickly reach deeper states of inner peace and happiness now.

After each talk you will do a five minute meditation.

Get clear down to earth instruction on how you need to be thinking and feeling to make fast progress in your personal growth.

Gain valuable insights that will prepare your heart and mind for deeper experiences of peace.

Why is NOW the Best Time Ever To Join?

Day 1 – Change Your Mind

While Consistently listening to the audios and doing meditation, even in small quantities, you start to see the fruits of your efforts faster than ever.

It is important to be willing to clear and open your mind to let new ideas in. The mind is totally re-programmable for happiness and success.

Day 2 – Know What You Feel

You know how to feel good now and understand the right actions to take to create a positive habit.

Our feelings are our natural GPS system which will help us navigate through life with more ease and certainty. They guide you to make better decisions and minimize stumbling blocks and setbacks.

Day 3 – See The Bigger Picture

How you view yourself in the world is of the utmost importance. People take themselves very seriously. Forgetting that we are temporarily in this body. Never looking at the bigger picture can be a damaging way to live. Whatever happens to you, you always have a choice of how you are going to react

Day 4 – Truth Is Fire

In this reprogramming talk you will learn how to create more space in your life for peace, happiness and joy. Letting go of negative emotions and feelings is key. The more you discover about your inner light and love the more space you create for miracles to happen in your life.

Day 5 – Lean Into Positivity

So many amazing things are happening around you all the time. But are you aware of them? Are you too absorbed in the negative that we block out all the light? This talk challenges you to start noticing and leaning into all the loveliness in your everyday lives. You get more of what you focus on.

Day 6 – Triumph Over Challenges

Challenges stretch us out of our comfort zone and force us to make radical changes in ourselves and our lives. Change allows us to grow rapidly in a positive way, if we know how to take advantage of these precious growth opportunities. Today’s talk will empower you to be excited for the challenges

Day 7 – Live The Moment

The state of mind you are in has a powerful impact on what’s actually happening in your life. Find inner peace and watch your life start transforming. The is one big secret to living in the now, is knowing you are not just your body and mind. Develop a joy that is not dependant on circumstances.

What Others Have To Say About This Program:

Josh Cyphers (FP&A Director, Nvoicepay, Oregon, USA)

“It completely Changed my Life!”

Awhile ago, I downloaded your full Reprogramming Your Mind Self Mastery series and it has completely changed my life! So I wanted to say thank you and let you know I really appreciate you and your wisdom. Thank you! My mind and heart are more open than ever. I am fired up for this next chapter of my life and so grateful to have such wonderful support.