DAY 28 – 7 Days Deep Dive Meditation Day 7

Congratulations, you successfully completed the “Own Your Superstar Quest” and with that, you are a big step further to own your superstar and become unstoppable! No matter what you did it takes courage and discipline to follow through this quest.I want you to reflect on this journey and rate your success from 1-10 (be honest, but don’t be too⁄ hard on yourself).Then, reflect on which challenges you liked the most, which ones you didn’t like that much and why.

Your Bonus Progress:

Your additional 7 day Bonus Program will start after day 21! Simply follow the pages!

Your Program Progress100%

Your Mission for This Video:

I want you to celebrate yourself for completing this Program! You are truly unique, one of a kind, you know that only 15% of people who are starting a challenge will ever finish it?

This makes you special! Congratulations!

Reflect on following questions:

What would you do differently?

What would you improve if you would do the quest again?

For what should you celebrate yourself?

Do the Program again from the beginning until the end.

Mahima’s Tipp For You:

We need to celebrate our successes – number 1 secret of the worlds most successful leaders

Repetition is the key to mastery